Bloodline: Demon Hunter, Book 4 Audible Audiobook – Michael Dalton (Author),  Sierra Kline (Narrator)

Jimmy has paid off his soul debt to Hell, but he finds himself as closely bound to the infernal bureaucracy as ever due to the inescapable legacy of his birth. Now serving the demoness Amira, his once-mortal grandmother, Jimmy and his harem are called upon to locate a long-lost angel named Tamiel, who fell from … Read more

The Bawdy Ballads of Bodrick the Bard by Virgil Knightley (Author), Serena Silverlake (Author)

Bodrick the Bard had enough of the violent life of a mercenary. A legendary lover of women of all sizes, shapes, and fantastical species, he has long since retreated into the comfortable lifestyle of a traveling musician, making more peaceful uses of his talents…And he has many talents. With the help of his pixie companion, a beautiful … Read more