Bloodline: Demon Hunter, Book 4 Audible Audiobook – Michael Dalton (Author),  Sierra Kline (Narrator)

Jimmy has paid off his soul debt to Hell, but he finds himself as closely bound to the infernal bureaucracy as ever due to the inescapable legacy of his birth.

Now serving the demoness Amira, his once-mortal grandmother, Jimmy and his harem are called upon to locate a long-lost angel named Tamiel, who fell from grace with the rest of Hell but has not been seen in a millennium.

The search sends them into dark history of the California missions and the Spanish exploration of the West Coast. Yet Tamiel’s legacy—and power—are shrouded in mystery, a mystery that may be tied up in Jimmy’s origins and those of his harem.

As the clues pile up and a dark army spirits seems to follow their every move, Jimmy must once again decide who and what he truly serves.

Contains mature themes.

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