Solo Narration (Female)

Monstar Saga: Exiled Audiobook, Eden Redd, Narrated by Sierra Kline

One accident changed Kevin’s life.

Unable to fully function in society, Kevin spends his time in virtual worlds to chase away reality and go on fantastic adventures. Despite his many adventures, he had never lived a life that truly spoke to his soul. A life that was taken away before it ever truly started.

When the beta test for a new virtual MMO called Monstar Saga goes live, Kevin is one of many players lucky enough to gain an early access key. The game boasts a fantastic and epic adventure where players can be any kind of fantasy race – except human.

Lured in by the chance at a new gaming experience, Kevin joins the MMO to carve out a new destiny. What Kevin soon learns is Monstar Saga is not just a game. He will fall into a new life where the monsters live and darker threats lurk just beyond the veil.

Monstar Saga is an epic, isekai fantasy adventure. It has farming, light kingdom and town building, action, intrigue, cultivation, slice of life, and unconventional relationships.

For listeners 18 and up.

Lightfoot 2, Joe Kuster, Audiobook Narrated by Stephanie Savannah

TJ wanted a quiet life with his women and wine, but such idyllic dreams remain out of reach. The New Order’s revolt in Ardsville has been quelled, but that doesn’t mean his enemies are gone for good.
Freshly minted as Count Skyridge, TJ is ordered to head north and embark upon the King’s quest. Knowing only that it’s likely to be deceptively challenging and time consuming, TJ enlists the help of his ladies and everyone’s favorite murder kitty to meet the King’s demands. Between getting Serina’s new religion off the ground, getting his house in order, mastering his magic, missteps with the local nobility, and managing the fallout from the revolt, he’s got his hands full.
Join TJ on this riveting adventure that spans multiple worlds and help him discover the secrets of the Devas as he struggles to survive and fulfill his oaths.
Disclaimer: This series features a protagonist raised in a higher realm where free love and indulgence are the norm and has a set of morals and ethics that are different from our own. While it contains explicit bits, they are clearly tagged and easily skippable. His story includes building harem-like relationships with multiple devoted women, and does not fade to black. Also, this story is not game-lit, but is self-aware of such things. It doesn’t feature crunchy rules-heavy systems, and there’s not a stat in the house. For 18+ listeners only.