Manaborn 2: A Cultivation/Progression Series, Cassius Lange

Not everyone gets a second chance at life. I, however, kind of lucked into mine. Thrust into the body of a dying man, I fought to break free, made a few friends along the way, and started down the long and treacherous path of revenge.

But things aren’t what I’d expected. Not all of the bad guys I’d set my sights on were actually bad, and the good guys…well, let’s just say it is complicated. The emperor, in his righteous quest for true immortality and power, has sent his agents to the City of Bones. Why? Simple. The local lord, Tairon, had accumulated too much power, so it was time to clip his wings.

To replace him, they will hold a tournament. The winner takes control of the City of Bones.

I was granted the honor of starting my own sect. It sounded easy. The truth? When you’ve got all your enemies scheming and manipulating events behind your back, it’s a lot harder than it has to be. But I’m Master Aiden Danaes now, and I’ve only failed at this sect leadership thing once before. What could go wrong?

Only any number of a hundred things—the monster pit just down the lake shore could explode and consume us in our sleep, a creepy band of bug-infested assassins could step out of the shadows and kill us during breakfast, or I might get a sliver while hanging a sign on the outhouse.

Mana brought me back, so it is up to me to…not die again.

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