Lust Witches #2: A Harem Urban Fantasy Adventure (Familiar Magic), Justin Trublood

On the run from a sadistic killer, Marion Baldwin must exploit an unexpected power to bond with multiple witches to keep the women he loves alive.

Lust Witches #2 is a tale of unconventional relationships and a villain’s unchecked lust for power.

Only a week has elapsed since Mars and Annie rescued the Le Torneau sisters from the powerful yet sadistic familiar Niles Dunn. The problem is, Niles isn’t okay with defeat and uses his knowledge to bring financial ruin to the once-powerful sisters. Of course, that’s not enough for our villain because his next stop is to hunt the beautiful Le Torneau family.

Barely a rookie familiar, Marion Baldwin, Mars to his friends, isn’t about to allow the evil Niles Dunn to finish the job he’s started. Their only hope is to go on the run long enough for Mars to gather enough power or knowledge to thwart his new nemesis.

Mars quickly realizes that his only real power as a familiar is when he bonds with a witch and trains her with the magic contained within his mystical familiar’s guide. For most familiars, lifetime bonding with a single witch is the extent of their power. Mars, however, has an advantage even Niles is unaware of. Mars can bond with as many witches as will have him.

The question is, can Mars bond and train his witches fast enough to overcome the storm that is bearing down on them?

Lust witches is a story with unconventional relationships and un-varnished descriptions of intimate moments. There are adult themes and moral ambiguities.

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