Simon Archer

Power of Suggestion: A Modern Harem Adventure, Simon Archer

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name’s Eric. I’m eighteen years old and life is mediocre at best. My best friends are failing Twitch streamers, my boss has a mullet, and I spend every day working at one of the remaining video rental places in the known universe. I live off of a steady diet of VHS tapes, vintage porn, and video games. Let’s just say that I wasn’t exactly high up on the social ladder. I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that life wasn’t a bitchin’ 80s movie or action flick…

Until one day, it was.

Now, I’ve got the power to make anyone do anything I want. Seriously, anything. And that includes the three girls I’ve been lusting after. It’s time to nab a head cheerleader and make my way up. World domination is within my reach, er, or at least some modicum of cool, and the only thing that’s standing in my way is my own imagination.

Oh wait, and the cops. Oh yeah, and a homicidal criminal mastermind hellbent on ruining this for the both of us. But hey, I can work around that right?

Disclaimer: This book contains graphic sexual scenes. I mean, c’mon, I can make girls do anything I ask. What else would you expect? Seriously, why’d you buy this book? I said anything.

Power Leveling: Level Up!, Book 4 Audiobook,
Simon Archer, narrated by
Gary Furlong

Real heroes power level!

Sam and his team might be the fastest heroes to get licensed in history, but that doesn’t mean they can rest on their laurels. A rash of villain attacks have sparked across the world, and people are disappearing in the aftermath, and the authorities are lost. It’s up to Sam to rely on his video game Aspect to follow the quest lines, gain the levels he needs, and track the waypoints until he can uncover the truth behind the assaults.

But even that can’t prepare him and his team for what they discover at the final marker.

Warning: This audiobook contains beautiful women, steamy sex, incredible super powers, city-busting laser beams, bizarre experiments, crazy power leveling, and the ability to become the strongest person the Universe has ever seen. That’s right, we said Universe

Bunnygirls III: A Bunnygirl Harem Adventure, Simon Archer, Ron Osborne : Narrator

Free Bunnies, Rescue the Moon Goddess, Kill Wolves, Save the World!
Hank McCallum and his harem of badass bunnies have blazed a trail of conquest across this strange new world of bunnygirls and wolfmen, and now, it’s time to finish the job. Either kill the King of the Wolves before he eats the Goddess of the Moon and gain untold power, or die trying!
And if there’s one thing Hank and the girls are bad at, it’s dying.