Dragon Born 3: The Shifter’s Hoard, Dante King

It’s been four months since I defeated Ivan Grozny, King of the Nightlords. He ran off with his tail tucked between his legs, and no one has seen anything of the Nightlords since.

The Dragon’s Hoard has not remained idle. Two of my mates are days away from giving birth to my children, and I’ve been slowly expanding and perfecting my base while hunting interlopers.

I’m starting to think the Nightlords won’t be showing up again, but if there’s one thing about vampires, it’s that they’re hard to put down for good.

Myself included.

One Nation, Under… Apocalypse gates book 8, Daniel Schinhofen

Alvin and his wives had been busy over the last few weeks. They’d gone out of their way to visit settlements they’d helped in the past, all while killing a string of mini-bosses across what had been the American west. Life looked good for Team Asshole… until the devs made a mistake. Without any warning, …

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Dungeon Bound 3, Bastian Knight

A week ago, Gabriel Grimm would never have imagined that being expelled from the Academy of Magic and turned into a virgin sacrifice would be an experience he was grateful for.

Now, bonded to three incredible monster girls and a charming young Dungeon Core, he can’t even imagine going back to his old life.

He’s killed dozens of guards and brought down the baron, trapping the man’s soul in a crystal. Mated with a hellhound, then avenged her old Pack by cutting down a monstrous arachne.

When that battle almost cost Gabriel his life, he bonded with a feisty werebadger.

But while his allies grow, time is running out for his Dungeon Core.

The stolen crystal is losing attunement. If they doesn’t recover it soon, Gabriel will be forced to watch his Core die. And with her, the beautiful monster girls who’ve stolen his heart.

As they recover and set out after the crystal again, Gabriel knows the malevolent entity deeper in the dungeon is infesting his soul.

Even if they recover the crystal in time, how safe will his Core be with only goblins and kobolds to guard her?

It’s a lot to handle for a mage who spent his whole life cloistered away in the Academy, but Gabriel is willing to do anything to protect his new life.

Backyard Dungeon, Logan Jacobs

When I got the call that my estranged grandfather had passed away and left me his trailer and a plot of land, I was just excited to own a little property and save some money by not having to pay rent.
Then I found a strange cave in my backyard. It wasn’t a sinkhole, or a bunker, or a mineshaft…
It was a dungeon. Full of crazy caverns, unbelievable monsters, and sexy, fantastical women in distress.
Oh, and loot. Lots and lots of loot that was just ripe for the taking.
So, what am I going to do with it all?
And how do I keep everyone else from finding out about it?

Power of Suggestion: A Modern Harem Adventure, Simon Archer

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name’s Eric. I’m eighteen years old and life is mediocre at best. My best friends are failing Twitch streamers, my boss has a mullet, and I spend every day working at one of the remaining video rental places in the known universe. I live off of a steady diet of VHS tapes, vintage porn, and video games. Let’s just say that I wasn’t exactly high up on the social ladder. I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact that life wasn’t a bitchin’ 80s movie or action flick…

Until one day, it was.

Now, I’ve got the power to make anyone do anything I want. Seriously, anything. And that includes the three girls I’ve been lusting after. It’s time to nab a head cheerleader and make my way up. World domination is within my reach, er, or at least some modicum of cool, and the only thing that’s standing in my way is my own imagination.

Oh wait, and the cops. Oh yeah, and a homicidal criminal mastermind hellbent on ruining this for the both of us. But hey, I can work around that right?

Disclaimer: This book contains graphic sexual scenes. I mean, c’mon, I can make girls do anything I ask. What else would you expect? Seriously, why’d you buy this book? I said anything.

Dragon’s Justice, Bruce Sentar

Zach is back. Life has been good since they dispatched a rabid alpha wolf, tricked into dark power.

His hoard is growing steadily, with odd jobs working as Morgana’s partner and they’ve been hired to deal with the swamp troll migration as the trolls pass through Philly on their way to Florida for the winter.

As if he doesn’t have enough to deal with, the Order of the Magi come to town for a convention and tensions grow taut between magi and the paranormal council.

When trolls become overly aggressive and they find a magus skinwalker behind it, Zach can’t stand by. Someone has to answer to an angry dragon for attacking his new mate. Politics between the two groups be damned.

Vampire Sire, Eric Vall

I’ve always liked superheroes, but I didn’t like how they rarely took care of the bad guys… permanently.

Then I became a vampire, and I found out there was a whole other world that needed blood. Lots and lots of blood.

And they’d pay good money for it.

Now, I’m out to capture these criminal scumbags, turn them into a meal, and get rich doing it.

But living among elite vampires is a lot more dangerous than I anticipated, so I’m going to have to be careful if I want to get rich and build a massive empire.

Battle Mage 2, Dante King

Our time of initiation at the Jade Bastion is coming to an end. After two more weeks of grueling training, we will be sent out beyond the walls and into the Wilderlands. There, we will face monsters unlike anything we’ve seen before.
It is highly unlikely that all of us survive. More likely that none of us do.
But I am Leo Flint, thief of Ahnker, and I won’t allow any of my friends to die. Not while I still draw breath and can wield my Metal and Summoning magics.

Right of Retribution: Book 3, William D. Arand

Warner spent his days like no one else.

He got up, went to work, forced people to balance their scales— either through taking lives or forced penance— went home, spent time with his daughter, slept with one of his girlfriends, and went to sleep.

Only to repeat the pattern over and over and over.

Life was the furthest thing from mundane that it could ever be.

Warner’s life had changed when his daughter had been nearly fatally injured, plunging Warner into a world of paranormal creatures, monsters, and magic that he’d never known existed.

Then he came out the other side as the arbiter of Retribution. He now personally hands out justice to any and all he comes across.

Warner has been using his powers considerably since then. Cutting down all who would stand before him and attempt to stop him in his personal crusade.

The price he had to pay for such a power cost him his life. He was forced to the point of giving all of himself to redeem the original holder of the right of Retribution, Warin.

Warner was quick to pay that price.

His effort was paid back to him in triplicate when Warin willingly passed the mantle to him. Giving all of what he was to Warner, effectively ending his life.

Now Warner is the holder of the rights for Vengeance, Retribution, and Redemption.

Each power has recognized him and responds willingly, allowing him to blend all three of them with growing mastery.

Long gone are the days of being sick after utilizing them.

Now the only concern Warner faces is the correct usage of those powers, and when to use them.

The world is an ever-shifting gray area that gets murkier by the year.

The great change that’d been on the horizon is now upon the world. A change that will cast the entirety of existence into shadow, or bring it back to stability.

A reckoning no one wished for has arrived.

The very world stands on the edge of a knife, waiting to see who will prevail.

The Alpha 4: Protect. Procreate. Prevail. Eric Vall

The Jansen alpha brothers are finally dead, so I’ve got way more territory and shifters to manage, but I’ve also got more omegas to protect and impregnate.

Life just never seems to slow down anymore, and with someone new stalking us through our own woods, I can’t afford to set one paw out of line.

But these guys don’t seem like our usual species of enemies.