Elemental Summoner 6: A Chakra Cultivation Harem Portal series by D. Levesque (Author)

Alex is still on Orac, but now he has some friends who surprised him by just showing up out of the blue, and he has become friends with new characters.

And he will need it, as he’s about to enter the Temple of Mar, and he does not know what is waiting there for him. Lucifer, or something else? And, of course, if it’s Lucifer, Alex knows what he wants. His body. Or, more to the point, Alex’s Angel body, since Lucifer is nothing but a ghost right now.

Join the gang as they complete the last book in the series and see what happens! Will Alex get to keep his new and more powerful body, or will Lucifer kill him for it?

This series contains the unabridged text (meaning adult), mayhem, monster girls, fluffy tails, and lots of magic.

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