Shifter Girls: Redline: A Slice of Life Harem Adventure Audiobook – by Michael Dalton (Author)

I thought I’d left my past behind for good. When my brother dies in a mysterious car crash, I have to come home to take over the family tuning business—and it’s back to a life of fast cars and faster girls.

But things are not like I remember. There’s something weird going on in Santo Domingo, something that seems connected to the city’s underground street racing scene. 

There’s the orange-haired mechanic at the tuning shop with the FOXGRRL license plate. A black cat hanging around my house, and the dreams I’ve been having about a racer girl with cat ears and a tail. Then there’s girl from high school who had a crush on me. She’s different, too, and I can’t figure out why.

They all say there’s something special about me. Something important.

I need to get to the bottom of things, to find out who’s gunning after my family. But with three hot girls hunting me, I have to remember it’s business before pleasure.

Shifter Girls: Redline is a slice-of-life adventure set in the Demon Hunter universe

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