Dragon Born 3: The Shifter’s Hoard, Dante King

It’s been four months since I defeated Ivan Grozny, King of the Nightlords. He ran off with his tail tucked between his legs, and no one has seen anything of the Nightlords since.

The Dragon’s Hoard has not remained idle. Two of my mates are days away from giving birth to my children, and I’ve been slowly expanding and perfecting my base while hunting interlopers.

I’m starting to think the Nightlords won’t be showing up again, but if there’s one thing about vampires, it’s that they’re hard to put down for good.

Myself included.

Dragon’s Justice, Bruce Sentar

Zach is back. Life has been good since they dispatched a rabid alpha wolf, tricked into dark power.

His hoard is growing steadily, with odd jobs working as Morgana’s partner and they’ve been hired to deal with the swamp troll migration as the trolls pass through Philly on their way to Florida for the winter.

As if he doesn’t have enough to deal with, the Order of the Magi come to town for a convention and tensions grow taut between magi and the paranormal council.

When trolls become overly aggressive and they find a magus skinwalker behind it, Zach can’t stand by. Someone has to answer to an angry dragon for attacking his new mate. Politics between the two groups be damned.

The OP MC 10: God of Winning, Logan Jacobs

Life as the God of Time is only getting better and better.
My territories are thriving, my own castle is near completion, and several of my women are pregnant with my children.
But we’ll need a talented midwife before my wives go into labor. And who better than the mother Mahini has been missing?
So, it’s off to the Kotar Desert to find my mother-in-law, but I quickly learn the desert has its own share of problems which need a god to solve…

Dragon Breeder 4 Audiobook, Dante King (Alex Perone, Marissa Parness: Narrators)

After defeating the wild dragons deep beneath the Earth, I’m ordered into the Vetruscan Kingdom.

There, the warriors are not bonded to dragons but bears. They are equally formidable, and not all bearmancers are friends. Thankfully, I won’t be by myself. I’ll have my dragonmancer women with me, as well as Noctis the Onyx Dragon…and my three dragon children.

Dragon Breeder 6, Dante King

Dante King Dragon Breeder 6 The Shadow Nations man the Bronze Citadel. It’s going to take the combined might of the Mystocean Empire’s dragonmancers, the catmancers of Akrit, and the bearmancers of Vetrusca to bring them down. And, if we’re lucky, we’ll be joined by mancers from elsewhere in the world. But the Shadow Nations … Read more