The Bawdy Ballads of Bodrick the Bard by Virgil Knightley (Author), Serena Silverlake (Author)

Bodrick the Bard had enough of the violent life of a mercenary. A legendary lover of women of all sizes, shapes, and fantastical species, he has long since retreated into the comfortable lifestyle of a traveling musician, making more peaceful uses of his talents…And he has many talents.

With the help of his pixie companion, a beautiful elfmaid, and a buxom half-satyr, Bodrick is in for his most pleasurable adventure yet, finding himself tangled up in a bitter feud involving two proud noble families. Manticores, maidens, and music abound in this sexy fantasy romp!

And, fair warning: the “spice” is very frequent.

CONTENT WARNING: The Bawdy Ballads of Bodrick the Bard contains explicit depictions of adult situations, over-the-top humor, purple prose, and song lyrics that’ll make you laugh or cringe (or both). It also features *cough* “unconventional relationships” (wink wink nudge nudge). This book was co-written by two incorrigibly indecent authors who are a bad influence over one another. You have been warned.

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