Thirdborn 2 by G.S. D’Moore

War changes a man. Rhett Allen, a thirdborn from the New World, learned that the hard way. He went to the Old World with two simple jobs: protect his sister, and build his guild. Now, he’s found himself on the losing side of a battle, and on the precipice of a war that could engulf an entire empire. To make matters worse, the only way he survived was by making a deal with the prince who started the whole thing. Add in a goddess of death and chaos, and Rhett has found himself making life or death decisions usually reserved for much more powerful firstborns.

All Rhett wants to do it go back to Penn, but old and new enemies await him on his journey. Magic still runs the world, and he’s going to need to get stronger if he wants to survive. Thankfully, he’s got a few good women at his side to help him along the way. Rhett might not know it yet, but even a thirdborn can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Warning: Thirdborn 2 is for 18+. It contains adult situations, language, violence, and harem elements. You’ve been warned.

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